Aupe Collective Agreement Government Services

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The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) represents over 95,000 employees across the province of Alberta, Canada. The AUPE Collective Agreement is an agreement between the union and the provincial government that defines the terms and conditions of employment for government workers in Alberta.

The Collective Agreement applies to a wide range of employees, including administrative support, correctional officers, social workers, and many more. The document outlines various items such as wages, benefits, hours of work, and working conditions.

The latest agreement was signed in 2017 and is valid until 2020. One of the key highlights of this agreement is the provision of job security for employees under review. This means that employees have the right to job security even when their position is under review, and the government must provide suitable alternative employment in the event of a job displacement.

Another important provision of the AUPE Collective Agreement is the inclusion of the Pay Equity Act. The pay equity act is designed to ensure that all employees receive equal pay for work of equal value. This provision is a significant step towards ensuring that women, minorities, and other underrepresented groups receive fair compensation for their work.

The AUPE Collective Agreement is a critical component of the labor landscape in Alberta. It ensures that government workers receive fair compensation, job security, and fair treatment in the workplace. It is also a reflection of the ongoing efforts to improve working conditions and the overall standard of living for workers in Canada.

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